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Ritu  Mittal

Ms. Ritu Mittal(25 Dec 1984 - 01 Jun 2013)

Posted By: Nikhil

Sarojini  Naidu

Shrimati Sarojini Naidu(13 Feb 1879 - 02 Mar 1949)

Posted By: Team - IndiaOnline Network

Munsi  Premchand

Shri Munsi Premchand(31 Jul 1880 - 08 Oct 1936)

Posted By: Team - IndiaOnline Network

Amir  Khusro

Shri Amir Khusro(01 Oct 1253 - 01 Oct 1325)

Posted By: Team - IndiaOnline Network

DivineCreate a free website for any religious place that is in your locality or city with whom you are associated.So be it temple, church or masjid - you can have all of them right here!

Festivals in January - MarchLearn about various festivals, customs and traditions and dates to be marked in your holiday calendar!


Aries: You are uptight about what is yours and today, you are even less keen on sharing. This possessiveness may have to do with a certain 'someone'. Ganesha says matters regarding love are going forward intensely and your marital life will blossom.

Aries: You shall be keen on reviewing the recent past to analyse whether your decisions were right or not. Ganesha says the week is also favourable to look ahead and plan your future course of action. You shall also be in a better position to handle tricky issues. On the financial front, it shall be smooth sailing. Even at home, you shall have a comfortable time, since there won’t be many domestic issues troubling your mind. However, the conduct of your life partner may be irritating at times, but it may have been caused by a sudden unilateral change in family plans by you. Businessmen may use this favourable time to expand operations. You could sign up a new contract. Official travel shall prove to be beneficial.

Aries: You begin the new year on a high note, feeling good about yourself and the life, in general. Motivated and firing all guns to accomplish your goals, you shall quickly start off to complete all your tasks and deal with all the challenges. The things may be pretty hectic at this time, making you feel that there is no time to be wasted. Along with the work, you shall also be working hard to get rid of the clutter and the unwanted stuff. Obstacles and hurdles shall not be able to hold you back now. Organising and streamlining your working methods, you shall be in top shape work-wise. However, in the personal realm, you shall need to be little careful. Be tactful while dealing with your spouse or beloved, this month, advises Ganesha. Even though, there may be a plenty of professional obligations, bogging you down with a load of work, you must keep your social and personal life alive. Take out some time for socialising with your old friends. When you take the necessary break and attend a party, you shall feel refreshed, which shall help you to handle your work better. People involved in running businesses may encounter certain problems, though, especially, while dealing with their customers. Nonetheless, always remember that there is a second (and, possibly a better) approach to doing all tasks, hints Ganesha. Try a different route!

Aries: Pick your opportunities wisely this year, and take the best advantage of them, says Ganesha. The year, however, may begin on a low-key, but don't get disappointed, you will get your due chances! Expect things to catch momentum post mid-April, when the supportive Jupiter aligns itself in your favour. Also, throughout the year, the Sun shall support your Sign by providing an environment conducive to progress. Yes, there will be roadblocks, but none too daunting. You may also find yourself spiritually inclined. Jupiter's influence shall pave your way towards higher education. Career/ job change is possible. The stars are in favour of buying a house. Health-wise, stars may not be very supportive, so be watchful through the year. Don't let the stress and strain of your love life affect you so much that it spoils your health and professional prospects. Money-wise things shall be good; expect business to flourish post September'15.

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