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Canara Bank Branches in Agra

Canara Bank Branches Agra AddressCanara Bank has several branches in Agra city that meet all the financial requirement of the city. This is an Indian state owned bank with its headquarter in Bangalore. It is among one of the oldest bank of India. Hence, it is the trusted bank in Agra city. The services provided by this bank are several accounts, insurance, loans, etc. There are around twenty four branches of Canara Bank in Agra. Two of the branches are located at Shitla Road while around three branches are near Sanjay Place in Agra. Here is the complete list of all the Canara Bank branches in Agra.

List of Canara Bank Branches in Agra

Canara Bank
Address: Block No. F 39&40 I Floor, Sky Towers
Sanjay Place, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0001746
Phone No.: 0562-2523868

Canara Bank Agra
Branch Name: Kendriya Hindi Sansthan Ec Agra
Address: Shitla Road Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0003023
Phone No.: 0562-2530043

Canara Bank Naraich
Branch Name: Naraich Agra
Address: Hathras Road
Naraich, Agra - 282006
IFSC Code: CNRB0000291
Phone No.: 0562-2345278

Canara Bank Lohamandi
Branch Name: Lohamandi Agra
Address: 468, Totaka Tal Lohamandi
Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0000378
Phone No.: 0562- 2111651

Canara Bank Khandari Crossing
Branch Name: Lpc Agra
Address: 26 Bhagirathi Road Opposite Santosh Hospital
Khandari Crossing, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0003098
Phone No.: 0562-2523868

Canara Bank Sanjay Palace
Branch Name: Ssi Branch Agra
Address: G Block No.1
Sanjay Palace, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0002376
Phone No.: 0562-2854701

Canara Bank
Branch Name: Rajamandi Agra
Address: Agra College, Rajaki Mandi, Agra - 282 002
IFSC Code: CNRB0002481
Phone No.: 0562-22653

Canara Bank Kacherighat
Branch Name: Kacherighat Agra
Address: 4 129, Kacherighat
Agra - 282004
IFSC Code: CNRB0000168
Phone No.: 0562-2365419

Canara Bank Jaipur House Colony
Branch Name: J H Colony Agra
Address: 243, Jaipur House Colony
IFSC Code: CNRB0000193
Phone No.: 0562-2810480

Canara Bank Transport Nagar
Branch Name: Transport Nagar Agra
Address: 69A, Shastrinagar
Transport Nagar, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0001487
Phone No.: 0562-2604613

Canara Bank Shitla Road
Branch Name: Kendriya Hindi Sansthan Ec Agra
Address: Shitla Road
Agra- 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0003023
Phone No.: 0562-2530043

Canara Bank Agra Cantt
Branch Name: Agra Cantonment
Address: Post Box No. 13,, 185 185A Sadar Bazar
Cantonment, Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: CNRB0000379
Phone No.: 0562- 2227161

Canara Bank in Agra
Branch Name: Central Ordnance Depot Agra
Address: Cod Agra Cantonment
Agra- 282001
IFSC Code: CNRB0003037
Phone No.: 0562 241 3814

Canara Bank Belanganj
Branch Name: Belaganj Main Agra
Address: Bueron Bazar
Belanganj, Agra - 282004
IFSC Code: CNRB0000322
Phone No.: 0562-2621245

Canara Bank Wazidpur
Branch Name: Wazidpur Distt Agra
Address: Wazidpur
Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0004019
Phone No.: 9412254132

Canara Bank Shashtripuram
Branch Name: Shastripuram Agra
Address: Canara Bank, Hig A 33-34
Shashtripuram, Agra - 282007
IFSC Code: CNRB0003679

Canara Bank Hing ki Mandi
Branch Name: Hig Ki Mandi Agra
Address: Basant Building Hing ki Mandi
Agra - 282003
IFSC Code: CNRB0002144
Phone No.: 0562-2364309

Canara Bank Dehtora
Branch Name: Dehtora Agra
Address: Canara Bank,House Of Sri Ranjan Singh,Advocate
Vill+Po-Dehtora, Agra - 282007
IFSC Code: CNRB0003609

Canara Bank
Branch Name: Agra Overseas Branch
Address: G Block No 1, Jeevan Prakash Sanjayplace,
Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: CNRB0002341
Phone No.: 0562-2520783

Canara Bank Bodla
Branch Name: Agra Bodla
Address: Bichpuri Road
Bodla, Agra - 282 007
IFSC Code: CNRB0001441
Phone No.: 0562-2275246

Canara Bank
Branch Name: Vibhavnagar Agra
Address: Vibhavnagar
Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: CNRB0001629
Phone No.: 0562-2332692

Canara Bank
Branch Name: St S Peters College Agra
Address: Opposite Sanjay Place
IFSC Code: CNRB0003024
Phone No.: 0532-2527369

Canara Bank Saket Colony
Branch Name: Saket Colony Agra
Address: 6-Laxmikunj, Opp. Rishi Marg
Saket Colony, Agra - 282010
IFSC Code: CNRB0002610
Phone No.: 0562-2212484

Canara Bank
Branch Name: Ujrai Distt Agra
Address: Vill. Ujrai, Dist Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: CNRB0004018
Phone No.: 8174073233

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