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Government Hospitals in Agra

The medical treatment in Agra has grown in the recent years, and government hospitals have supported it to a large extent. Agra has several government hospitals that are located at different areas within the city and serve the rural and city population. The government hospitals in Agra are highly preferred by the local population and patients of the nearby cities. The quality of treatment and medical facilities in these hospitals have increased in recent years, and they are now among the trusted hospitals in Agra. The services provided by these hospitals are at par with the private hospitals in Agra. The doctors of government hospitals are well trained and qualified to provide treatment for different diseases.

Agra Government Hospitals

Government hospitals of Agra are financed by the state government. The Uttar Pradesh government holds the responsibility to provide every required assistance in terms of finance, doctors appointment, machines, supporting staff, etc. Hence, these hospitals in Agra operate for the welfare of the public. They provide free medicines, drugs, surgery and treatment to their patients. Government hospitals in Agra have their own dispensaries, pathological labs, health centers, etc. Some of these hospitals are attached to medical colleges and aid in providing medical training and practice to the medical students in Agra. Hence, the government hospitals of Agra are best suitable for low and medium income people. The list of government hospitals that operates in Agra is provided below along with their contact details.

National Jalma Institute of Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases
Near Eastern Gate Taj Mahal, Dr M Miyazaki Marg
Taj Ganj, Agra - 282001
Phone no.: 562-2331751, 2331756, 2232222, 2333595, 562-2331755

Carewell Hospital in Agra
Carewell Hospital - A-8, Trans Yamuna Ram Bagh
Nh-2, Ferozabad Road, Agra - 282006
Phone no.: 9319107819, 9997815555, 562-4002525, 4044546

Ditt. Hospital
Chhipitola, Agra - 282001
Phone no.: 562-2463043

Pareek Hospitals (P) Ltd.
177/189 Civil Lines
Agra - 282002
Phone no.: 562-4037300

Jalim Singh Kalawati Hospital
Hathras Road, Main Road
Tedi Bagiya, Nunhai, Agra - 282006
Phone no.: 9758000305, 8923643084

Balaji Hospital & Maternity Center
31/209, Infront Of Shree Ram Talkies, Sultanganj Ki Pulia
Bye Pass Road, Agra - 282005
Phone no.: 562-2543550

Lady Lyall Hospital in Agra
Noori Gate, Agra Cantt
Agra - 282001
Phone no.: 562-2262538, 2267987, 266150

Cantonument Hospital
Agra Cantt.
Agra - 282001
Phone no.: 562-2225493, 2230321, 360037

T.B. Hospital
Near S.N.Medical College
Agra - 282002
Phone no.: 266117

Mental Hospital
Mental Hospital Campus, Lohamandi
Billochpura, Agra - 282002
Phone no.: 322649

Esi Hospital
Nr Central Jail,Halwai Ki Bagichi
Agra Ho, Agra - 282001
Phone no.: 562-2331408, 2601408

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