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Laundry Services in Agra

Agra is center of attraction for people of world. They visit from different corners of world to enjoy their vacations in Agra with their friends and family. The incoming of huge number of tourists generates the requirement of laundries in Agra city. Laundry in Agra is service that undertakes the process of washing clothes and linens of the customers. The tourists require the services of the laundry to get their clothes cleaned on regular basis. Apart from them, local residents of Agra also require services of laundry for their clothes. There are several laundry service providers in Agra that covers all the major locations of the city. Hotels of Agra also have dedicated laundry department for their customers. The details of all the laundry service providers in Agra are provided in the below list.

Dry Cleaners in Agra

Mohan Laundry & Dryers Cleaners
Poonam Plaza, Dayalbagh Road
New Agra, Agra - 282005
Phone No.: 9358635000, 562-6455505

Mohan Laundry in Agra
Main Bazar, Agra, Jeevani Mandi
Agra Ho, Agra - 282001
Phone No.: 562-2621925

B Lall
Shop no. 1, Harish Market, Bhagwan Talkies Crossing
Bye Pass Road, Bhagwan Cinema, Agra - 282005
Phone No.: 8909432369

Mohan Laundry & Dyers Cleaner
C-80, Shree Ram Chawk, Main Market, C-Block road
Kamla Nagar, Agra - 282004
Phone No.: 9690499377, 9897136096, 562-2581461

Mercury Laundry in Agra
Shop no. 6, Opp. Hari parbat thana, M.G.ROAD
Hari Parbat, Agra - 282002
Phone No.: 9368193106

Band Box
UG - 9, Suresh Plaza, Opp. Sanjay place, Near Bhagat Halwai
M G Road, Agra - 282002
Phone No.: 9319581397, 9412330517

Mohan Laundry in Agra
Goverdhan Complex
Delhi Gate, Agra - 282003
Phone No.: 562-2962062

Rolex Dyers & Dry Cleaners
4, Allora Complex, Near Surya Nagar Gate
Hanuman Crossing, Khandari, Agra - 282005
Phone No.: 9027420967, 9837828198, 562-3270534

Neelam Loundry & Cleaners
Shop No. 4, Sultan Pura, Station Road
Agra Cantt, Agra - 282001

B. Lal Dryers &Cleaners
Shop-1, Near Bhagwan Cinema, Bye Pass Road
Bhagwan Cinema, Agra - 282005
Phone No.: 7417999092

Snow-White Tailors
Kheriya MOD, Jaganair Roa
Agra Ho, Agra - 282001
Phone No.: 9258829509, 9897684873

Sun White Dry Cleaner
Durga Complex, Near D-Surya Hotel, Shaheed Nagar Crossing
Vibhav Nagar, Agra - 282001
Phone No.: 9319516348

Paras Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Shop-6, Pushpanjali Commercial Complex
Shastripuram Road, Sikandra, Agra - 282007
Phone No.: 8958950647, 9045066070

Bharat Dry Cleaners in Agra
37/1, Bhagwan Talkies Chauraha, Soamibagh
Dayal Bagh, Agra - 282005
Phone No.: 093 19 526151

Mercury Dyers &cleaners
Hari Parvat, Chauraha, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Captain Naresh Rd, Gokalpur, Shahganj, Agra - 282002
Phone No.: 0562 288 1322

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