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Mughal Heritage Walk in Agra

"There Is More To Agra Than Just The Taj Mahal. Experience The True Legacy Of This Erstwhile Capital Of India With The Mughal Heritage Walk."

Agra, the city of Mughals, long encompasses within its interiors the History of India during the Mughal Era. A fascinating story for the discerning travelers, Agra has many mysteries in its hard as stone fort walls. Famous all over the world for the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra has more to it than just the Taj. 

Many stories untold… some forgotten, some retained in the villages, forts, architectural delights and by lanes of Agra, the best way to truly unfold the mysteries and stories of the long awaited history of the city is the Mughal Heritage Walk.

Mughal heritage Walk in Agra

The guided walk of Agra is designed in consultation with historians and academicians. Giving a glimpse into the socio-urban culture and the history of the city, this one kilometer-long walk through the lively streets of the village, gives the tourists a chance to see the culture and lifestyle of the people of Agra and experience the historical facets of the city in its famous architecture. 

This walk through the village of Kachchpura gives an insight into the Mughal history and at the same time showcases the lifestyle of the people and their warm hospitality. Along with the view of the Taj in a rustic setting, the village of Kachchipura also offers, clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation to the travelers who really wish to experience the lifestyle of the people in a naturist and rustic setting.

The Mughal Heritage Walk starts at the Kachchpura village and has three main attractions. They are:-
  • Gyarah Sidi or eleven steps:- Carved out of a single block of stone, the Gyarah Sidi sits on the banks of River Yamuna and gives a great view of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. After Babur’s demise when Humayun sat on the throne, he had the Jantar Mantar made to view the stars and study the constellations as he had a great liking for astrology. Only a few pieces of the Jantar Mantar exist today, more commonly referred to as Gyarah Sidi. The Mughal Heritage Walk starts at the Gyarah Sidi in the Kachchpura village.
  • Humayun Mosque: - After the Gyarah Sidi, the tourists are led into the village to visit the Humayun Mosque. A most unusual sort of mosque  as it has sandstone graves in the compound of the mosque related to the Mughals. Read More
  • The Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden) : - This spectacularly wonderful garden was originally built to view the Taj Mahal in the serene moonlight when the Taj reflects its image on the river and Yamuna mirrors back on the structure of Taj. Mehtab meaning moon and Bagh being garden, Mehtab Bagh or the moonlight garden has some wonderful architectural delights and an immensely unique irrigation methodology. The opportunity to view the Taj from the back and capture it in the photos you can take here is not to be missed.

The itinerary of the walk

  • Confirmation of the walk and welcoming on the telephone - same day or previous day.
  • Arrival point and registration for the walk on the T- point junction of Gyarah Sidi.
  • Walk to the Baoli (historical wells) and Gyarah Sidi.
  • Back to the T- point junction.
  • The start of the walk on the narrow path towards the Kachchpura village where the guests will be welcomed with garlands and an aarti.
  • Assembling of all the guests at the village chabutra.
  • Visiting the Humayun Mosque.
  • Exploring the paintings (Sanjhi art) on the walls and experiencing the lifestyle with some elderly smoking the hookah.
  • Witnessing a typical community household- the cooking area, living area, religious area etc.
  • Back to the central courtyard for some activities like street theatre, henna tattoos etc.
  • Visiting the Mehtab Bagh, leisurely walking through the landscaped gardens, marveling in the architecture and irrigation system, taking photos of the Taj Mahal from the back
  • Return to the entrance of the village, fill out the feedback form and receive souvenirs.
  • As a part of the community development program, the Mughal Heritage Walk has been conducted in accordance with the USAID, Agra Municipal Corporation and an NGO; center for urban and religious excellence, striving to build sustainable livelihoods for women and youth from lower class segments of the social strata to improve their living environments.

Essential facts to keep in mind

Timings: - 9:00 am to 6: 00 pm
Rates: - 1250 for adults and 750 for children under 13 years.

How to Reach

  • For visitors from Delhi, the Kachchpura village is easily accessible by taking the NH 2, then turning right after reaching Ram Bagh Crossing, moving straight for three kilometers cross the Railway Godown and Itimad-ud-Daulah.
  • For visitors who have already arrived in Agra city, the village of Kachchpura is easily accessible by the new bridge next to the Red Fort and turn right from Railway Godown.
The package is valid all year round.

Address: Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE), Room No- 313, IInd Floor, Agra Nagar Nigam, Agra, 282002, Uttar Pradesh
Phone No: -0562-4007943

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