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Musamman Burj in Agra

Musamman Burj is located in the heart of Agra. It is a beautiful and attractive Burj that shows the love and peace that persisted at the time of Mughal Era and especially during the reign of Shah Jahan. Emperor Shah Jahan was the great art lover and had constructed several buildings during his time which now form a part of Indian heritage. Musamman Burj is an octagonal tower which reflects the Mughals architecture and paintings and has fresh surroundings that release energetic power to the visitors of this place.

Musamman Burj Agra Shah Jahan

It is believed to have been constructed in the memory of Shah Jahan's beloved begum Mumtaz Mahal. This palace has its essence from that of Akbar, as this great Mughal emperor built a small marble palace near Musamman Burj and because of this the area gained attention of Shan Jahan and he decided to construct this Burj. This was the last destination for Shah Jahan as his son Aurangzeb imprisoned this art-loving emperor here during the last days of his life. Along with Shah Jahan, Jahanara Begum was also imprisoned at this palace. Musamman Burj was built during the time period of 1631 till 1640. It is the site were this multi-storied building was constructed and true love towards his queen was expressed in this form. This Burj also provides the clear view of the famous Taj Mahal.

The beauty of this palace is difficult to express in words, however, the beauty can be felt by viewing this place by one's own eyes. It is the perfect incarnation of Mughal architecture, culture, paintings, paintings, etc. The dome of the palace is crowned by gilded copper and its flooring is paved with the use of valuable marbles. It is designed in a way that it reflects the popular game Pachchisi, and due to this it is also known by the name Pachchisi Court. The emperor of that time used this area as a recreation place by playing this game. However, the main use of this designed area was to make the covers of the drains to look more attractive and beautiful. This palace is filled with several fountains and popular Jharokha that is located on the eastern most part of the palace is the center of attraction for the tourists. The attractive design of the vertical pillars and swinging chhajjas are much more than simply eye catchers. There is a small building near to this palace which is most beautiful greatly ornamented known as Shah Burj.

It is located inside the Agra Fort.

This building also has a separate bath courtyard that was used by Mughal royal family members and a passage to reach the Diwan-i-Khas through a passage provided here. This palace also have a marble room that is designed by the waterfall and a channel that keeps it cool during hot summers.

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