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Places to Visit near Agra

Agra, home to one of the seven architectural wonders in the world, Taj Mahal, is one of the most visited cities in India. The tourists who visit this city and even the residents of the city look out for some small day-outs or vacations to the nearby destinations. Some of the places near Agra are mentioned below:



The town of Aligarh about 90 kms from Agra is famous for Aligarh Muslim University, founded in the 19th century by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a noted social reformer. The Aligarh Fort or Aligarh Quila, built during the time of Ibrahim Lodhi represents a style of Indo-French architecture and is believed to be one of the strongest forts in the region; the town is also renowned for its manufacture of electronic locks and safety equipment.

How to get there
Aligarh can be reached from Agra via the Yamuna Expressway. Alternatively, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) buses ply regularly between the two destinations; twice weekly train services are also available


A temple town on the banks of the Yamuna, Bateshwar is visited by millions of people year round who come here to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva. There are nearly 42 temples and many bathing ghats which are held sacred for the traditional medicinal herbs and plants that grow around them.

How to get there

Bateshwar is at a 70-km distance midway between Agra and Etawah. The distance can be covered by road.

Chambal Sanctuary

Chambal Sanctuary

This national park, a perfect getaway spot for adventure enthusiasts and wildlife admirers, is adjacent to the Chambal River and hosts a vast variety of fauna and flora. Many species of local and migratory birds have made this park home along with eight turtle species, hundreds of otters, 300 marsh crocodiles and over 1200 gharials. Species like the Gangetic River Dolphin and the long-nosed Indian Gharial are on the endangered list but with protection conservationists are hopeful that the species will survive in this natural and protected environment.

How to get there

The National Park is 70 kms from Agra and well connected through the rail network. Although it is a tri-state national park covering UP, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it is managed by the UP Forest Department headquartered at Agra. Buses also cover the distance; the nearest city is Morena.


Firozabad, 44 kms from Agra is famous for its glassware industry and is a shopper’s delight for glass products such as bangles, chandeliers, glassware and light fittings.

How to get there

The distance is less than 45 kms therefore best way to go there is by bus or by private cab.


The town where Krishna was raised by foster parents is about 62 kms away from Agra. Tourist spots in and around Gokul like Chaurasi Khamba, Utkal and Brahmand Ghat are places built around legends surrounding Krishna’s life.

How to get there

Usually visitors to Gokul from Agra include Mathura and Vrindavan which are within 65-70 kms from Agra, in their travel itinerary. Regular buses connect these places. Train services operate between Agra-Mathura-Vrindavan and private taxis can also be hired.


A quaint hill station 300 kms from Agra, Kasauli is located in the Shivalik mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. Not yet touched by commercialization unlike most other hill stations in India, Kasauli still entrances visitors with its charming thatched roof homes, small shops and paved paths with orchards and gardens all around that are home to some of the most exclusive fruits and vegetables. The Ganbar River and the Sutlej Barrage are a must visit.

How to get there

  1. Road distance from Agra to Kasauli in 520 kms; in a good cab the distance can be covered in 8 hours.
  2. No direct trains operate between the two places. The nearest station touched by Sachkhand Express (Train No. 12715 from Nanded to Amritsar) from Agra is Ambala Cantonment which is 385 kms; from Ambala it is a distance of 87 kms by cab to Kasauli.
  3. State Transport buses operate from Agra to Delhi 207 kms away; from Delhi the Kalka Express goes to Kalka, a distance of 303 kms, distance of 26 kms from Kalka to Kasauli can be covered by taxis or buses.

Keetham Lake

Also known as the Soor Sarovar for its location within the Soordas Reserved Forest, the lake situated 23 kms from Agra is home to many types of fish and the surrounding forests offer plenty of cover to a variety of water birds; an altogether tranquil location that is ideal for a relaxing holiday.

How to get there

A cab or taxi can easily cover the distance of 23 kms on the Agra-Delhi NH 2.

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The celebrated birthplace of Krishna, Mathura lies on the banks of the mighty Yamuna 47 kms from Agra. Abounding with temples, ashrams, ghats and several sites of sacred sanctity depicting the events in Krishna’s life, this area is a very popular pilgrimage destination for lakhs of people. Mathura is famous for its tryst with Hindu renaissance, Muslim invasion and Buddhist piousness, giving it a place in the list of the ‘seven holy cities of India’. It finds a mention in the great Indian epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

How to get there

Mathura is well connected by rail and road to Agra.

Nalagarh Fort

One of the most visited and frequented getaway spots, the Nalagarh Fort, a five storied imposing structure of Islamic architecture along the Himalayan foothills, is 300 kms from Agra. Set in lush greenery extending to over 20 acres, the fort is surrounded by fruit orchards. From the top floor of the fort, there is an outstanding view of the surrounding plains rolling up to the foothills.

How to get there

Nalagarh Fort is in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh and is located 450 kms from Agra. The nearest major train station and airport are in Chandigarh, about 60 kms away.


By virtue of its location on the Delhi-Agra highway offering easy accessibility, Vrindavan is one of the oldest and most popular destinations that most tourists make a beeline for, from Agra. With around 4000 temples and worship sites many of which are several centuries old, this religious town about 10 kms from Mathura abounds with Krishna worship and is referred to as Braj Bhoomi along with Mathura. Annual pilgrimages and Parikramas are popular to this entire region that boasts of many historical and holy temples like the Banke Bihari temple, Madan Mohan temple, Krishna Vallabh temple, Krishna Balarama temple, Govind Dev temple, Radha Damodar temple, Garud Govind temple, Prem Mandir and Ma Vaishno Devi Ashram. The best time of the year to visit Vrindavan is around Janmashtami, when the birth of Krishna is celebrated with great pomp and revelry.

How to get there

Vrindavan is off the New Delhi-Agra National Highway 2 at a distance of about 72 kms. Regular state and private buses, mini vans and private cabs operate from Agra to Vrindavan; long-distance trains from south and west India connect Agra and Mathura. Vrindavan is just 12 kms from Mathura, daily train shuttle services operate from Mathura to Vrindavan.

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