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Radhasoami Samadhi in Agra

Agra gains the attention of several tourists throughout the year. The beauty of the city and the charming historic places along with the culture and tradition have sufficient attraction power. The Radhasoami Samadhi is about 15 km away from Agra and is located in the region of Dayal Bagh in Agra. There is a well maintained transport facility by the local transport vendors who provide cabs, taxis and bus to the visitors and local people to travel this 15 km distance from Agra city to Radhasoami Samadhi with comfort and at a reasonable rates. Radhasoami Samadhi holds a lot of religious importance and is related to Swamiji Maharaj who is known for his contribution in the field of poetry and was a renowned Hindu priest. He was the founder of Swami faith which is now followed by several people of Agra.

Radhswami Samadhi in Agra

Swamiji Maharaj contributed a lot in spreading Hindu religion in the area of Agra and nearby locations. He was born in 1818 in Agra in a Khatri family. The childhood name of Swamiji Maharaj was Shri Shiv Dayal Singh Ji. From the very childhood he was poured with deep religious feelings that diverted him towards religious activities. He was highly inspired by the Hindu religion and for this reason he wrote some religious books that teach the lesson of brotherhood to human beings. Moreover, after the death of Swamiji Maharaj, his holy ashes were preserved at the Radhasoami Samadhi. Therefore, the memories of Swamiji Maharaj are attached to this place and thereby making it a sacred place for Hindu pilgrims and a tourist spot as well.

The building of the Radhasoami Samadhi is majestic- about 110 feet high and is built using white marbles. It has a unique and intricate design on the walls along with beautiful carvings of flowers, plants, leaves and fruits that form the center of attraction and reflects the art and architecture of the olden days. This samadhi building has unique specimens which reflect the plastic art and makes it a true art of nature. It is believed that the construction work at Radhasoami Samadhi is endless and cannot be completed. The construction work has been continuing since the last 100 years, it did not stop since the initial day when it started. There is a belief that the construction work should not stop at any cost and it should be a regular practice to keep the construction work going.

Radhasoami Samadhi in Agra Timings

Further, Radhasoami Samadhi in Agra can be visited throughout the year. The place is opened from 10 am till 5 pm everyday. The entry to this holy Samadhi is free for all the visitors. The best and suitable months to visit the Radhasoami Samadhi in Agra is during the winters i.e. November till March.

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