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Society in Agra

The Mughal flavor of the historic Agra holds the city at the edge of popularity among the tourists. At the confluence of Yamuna River and the spectacular Taj Mahal, the city holds an essence of beauty and purity. The footfall of natives, national and international tourists take the city to greater heights. Agra has always been a culturally rich city. People visiting from far and near have lent immense welfare to its society. The charitable trusts, NGOs, welfare organizations, old age homes as well as women development centers in Agra take care of all the needs of the less-privileged deprived curriculum activities. These public funded organizations take the responsibility to make Agra a better place to live in. Their target is to maintain an environment of equality all around you and help the deprived lead a comfortable and secured life.

Charitable Society in Agra

Society for Underprivileged Children in Agra

Aryashree, a society that works for the betterment of underprivileged children, aims at the upliftment of the poor. It provides education facilities to the kids including child workers. The society also organises free workshops, recreational as well as vocational projects for these children. These vocational training classes by Aryashree in Agra help young girls to become independent. The training classes include mehndi course, flower making, collage, pottery, beautician course, glass and fabric painting. One can adopt a "child for education" through Aryashree and contribute towards the building of a child's future.

Registration no. F.No.:CIT-1/Tech/Agra/80G/A-142/2011-12/
Address: 75, Lajpat Kunj, Civil lines, Agra
Phone no.:   +91-562-2527338, +91-9634088177

Mother Teresa’s Charity Home in Agra

Agra Society

Mother Teresa founded her charitable trust in 1950 in Kolkata, which later expanded to 610 centres all across the globe. One of these charity homes is in Agra, which provides basic necessity and care to 48 orphans and poor children. 150 frail adults, who are unable to take care of themselves, have also become family members of this charity home.

Address: Prem Dan, 2 Ajmer Road, Agra 282001, India
Phone no.: 0562-2269722

Orphanages in Agra

It is amazing to see that the non-governmental orphanages take the noble responsibility of the children of age 0 to 15 years. Besides taking care of them, these orphanages also bear the duty and expense to educate them, provide proper food and clothing, engage them in different activities, develop their inter-personal skills and also organize routine health check-ups. These organizations completely run on donations and funds. The motto of these orphanages is to stay beside these homeless children until they enter into their adulthood and become capable of sustaining themselves. A child can be adopted through legal means from these orphanages. Other well known orphanages and charitable trusts are:

Balwant Rai Charitable Eye Foundation
72A, Professors Colony
Hari Pravat , Agra
Uttar Pradesh- 282002

Lions Club of Agra Greater
22/3 Motilal Nehru Road
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Pin: 282004

Prasad Child & Mother Health Care Centre Rural
1/210 A, Professor’s Colony
BM Sarkar Road
Agra, Uttar Pradesh- 282002

Robin Nest Children Home
52/30 Nagla Lal Singh
Bara Khamb
Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Old Age Homes in Agra

Social Welfare

Old age homes are basically the shelter for the senior members of the society or those who are debarred from their own family or those who have no one in this world to take care of. Old age homes stands beside these homeless or needy aged people and provide them the basic facility like food, shelter, care, comfort, and most importantly, love. The senior citizens find the place to be very amiable as they get friends of their same age at this moment of their life. To fight against emergency situations, these old age homes have 24-hour medical supervision and ambulance. These organizations are also run on public fund and donation.

Few famous old age homes in Agra are:

Ram Lal Old Age Homes
12, Sector-10
Aavas Vikas Colony
Sikandara, Agra

Ram Lal Old Age Homes
Village Atus, The Kirawali
Thana Sikandara
Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Women Welfare Society in Agra

Agra has geared up its pace to implement security and safety for women. It also promises women to set up their own rights in front of the society. Women welfare societies also stand beside underprivileged women and stand against women crime. Tejaswini-women Welfare Society is such an example in Agra.

Tejaswini-women Welfare Society
V-192, Kedar Nagar
Shahgunj, MG Road
Chanderi, Rakabganj Agara
Uttar Pradesh- 282010
Phone no.: 0562 221 4232

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