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State Bank of India Branches in Agra

State Bank of India Branches Agra AddressThere are over 40 branches of State Bank of India in Agra located at Loha Mandi, Chhata Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Agra Cantt, etc to provide good banking facilities to the people of Agra. They also provide financial support to new and existing businesses in Agra and contribute in the economic development of this city. State Bank of India is the most trusted bank in Agra and has locker facilities to provide security of the valuable items like gold, silver, jewelery, important papers, etc. It has ATMs all around the city that provides cash to the people of Agra at their place of comfort. The list of State Bank of India branches in Agra is provided below along with their IFSC codes.

List of State Bank of India Branches in Agra

Branch Name: Loha Mandi
Address: 32, 10, Gujar Topkhana
Loha Mandi, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: SBIN0003326
Phone No.: 0562-2811583 0562-2512681

Branch Name: Army Base Work Shop
Address: 509, Army Base Workshop, Bundu Katra
Gwalior Road, Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0004117
Phone No.: 0562-2410979

Branch Name: Heera Bagh Colony
Address: 6, Moti Bagh Dayal Bagh
Agra - 282005
IFSC Code: SBIN0001931
Phone No.: 0562-2571224 0562-2570428

Branch Name: Chhata Bazar
Address: Achal Bhawan, Chhatta Bazar Daresi No 2
Agra - 282003
IFSC Code: SBIN0003090
Phone No.: 011-2366673 011-2265375

Branch Name: Retail Assets And Small Entreprises Credit Cell
Address: Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0010319
Phone No.: 0562- 6542705, 6542706, 2260696, 2260656, 2260664

Branch Name: Collectorate Campus Agra
Address: Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0030464
Phone No.: 0562-2269964

Branch Name: Seo Ka Bazar
Address: Agra - 282003
IFSC Code: SBIN0002480
Phone No.: 562-2360742

Branch Name: Khandauli
Address: Agra - 283126
IFSC Code: SBIN0011315
Phone No.: 9868890004

Branch Name: Akola
Address: Agra Kagarole Road
Agra - 283102,
IFSC Code: SBIN0012469
Phone No.: 0562-2710950, 2710951

Branch Name: Sadar Bazar Agra
Address: Sadar Bazar, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0002467
Phone No.: 0562-2225003, 2225553

Branch Name: Balkeshwar Colony
Address: Agra - 282004
IFSC Code: SBIN0003708
Phone No.: 0562-2542046

Branch Name: Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1
Address: Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0010629
Phone No.: 0562-2400225

Branch Name: S.N.M.C
Address: Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0007892
Phone No.: 0562-2260345

Branch Name: Nagar Mahapalika
Address: Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: SBIN0003707
Phone No.: 0562 - 25226102

Branch Name: Bateshwar
Address: Bateshwar, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0006724
Phone No.: 05614-234810

Branch Name: Bichpuri
Address: Bichpuri, Agra - 283105
IFSC Code: SBIN0002317
Phone No.: 562-2636641, 2636536

Branch Name: Bodla
Address: Bodla, Agra - 282007
IFSC Code: SBIN0011637
Phone No.: 0562-2275130

Branch Name: Agra Main
Address: Chhipi Tola
Agra - 202004
IFSC Code: SBIN0000602
Phone No.: 306406

Branch Name: Cac
Address: Chhipitola Main Branch Compound
Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: SBIN0010032
Phone No.: 0562-225002

Branch Name: Central Ordnance Depot
Address: Cod, Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0010628

Branch Name: Kagarole
Address: Agra - 283119
IFSC Code: SBIN0005960
Phone No.: 5613-214129

Branch Name: Adb Shamsabad
Address: Agra - 283125
IFSC Code: SBIN0003987
Phone No.: 05612-253516

Branch Name: Ccpc
Address: Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0011493
Phone No.: 917474695

Branch Name: Oad Zonal Office
Address: Agra - 282004
IFSC Code: SBIN0006760
Phone No.: 0562-2522561

Branch Name: Saarc
Address: Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0010322
Phone No.: 9917474405

Branch Name: Kamla Nagar
Address: E-769, Kamla Nagar, Agra - 282005
IFSC Code: SBIN0004100
Phone No.: 0562-2184224,2581351

Branch Name: Etmadpur
Address: Etmadpur, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0000696
Phone No.: 9917474338

Branch Name: Taj Ganj
Address: Fatehabad Road
Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0004537
Phone No.: 0562-2330449

Branch Name: Midhakur
Address: Fatehpur Sikari Main Road
Agra - 283105
IFSC Code: SBIN0012468

Branch Name: Shoe Market Area
Address: Hingkimandi
Agra - 282003
IFSC Code: SBIN0001283
Phone No.: 0562-2369280

Branch Name: Ssi Nunhai
Address: Ind Estate Nunhai
Agra - 282006
IFSC Code: SBIN0001126
Phone No.: 0562-2280754

Branch Name: Jagner
Address: Jagner, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0002363
Phone No.: 05613-274280

Branch Name: Ada Jaipur House
Address: Jaipur House
Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: SBIN0006532
Phone No.: 0562-2810425 0562-2813446 0562-2511521

Branch Name: Agra City
Address: Jeoni Mandi
Agra - 282004
IFSC Code: SBIN0000593
Phone No.: 0562-2520566

Branch Name: Gari Rami Kuberpur
Address: Kuberpur, Pobhagupur, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0005959
Phone No.: 9917474356

Branch Name: Foundry Nagar
Address: Narai Ch Hathras Road
Agra - 282006
IFSC Code: SBIN0005717
Phone No.: 0562-2241943

Branch Name: Bah
Address: Near Bus Stand
Agra - 283104
IFSC Code: SBIN0001212
Phone No.: 05614- 222144, 224945

Branch Name: Runkuta
Address: Nh 2 Runkuta
Agra, 282007
IFSC Code: SBIN0012467
Phone No.: 05613-272173, 272174

Branch Name: Service Branch
Address: Old Sbi Bldg, Chhipitola Complex
M.G.Rd, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0009968
Phone No.: 0562-2262663

Branch Name: Transport Nagar
Address: Plot No. 139-140
Sector-3, Agra - 282002
IFSC Code: SBIN0005556
Phone No.: 0562-2601360 0562-2601509

Branch Name: Raja Ki Mandi
Address: Raja Ki Mandi, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0001892
Phone No.: 0562-2854586

Branch Name: Hospital Road
Address: Shop No.6c, 7, 8, 9 & 10, C.R. Mall
2/66/G Ram Nagar Colony, Agra
IFSC Code: SBIN0030159
Phone No.: 0562-2523320,2413500

Branch Name: New Shahganj
Address: Shri Krishna Gaushala Building
Agra - 282010
IFSC Code: SBIN0004029
Phone No.: 0562-2213632 2217086 0562-2213632

Branch Name: Sib
Address: Sib.Branch, Sanjay Palace
IFSC Code: SBIN0007278
Phone No.: 0562-2527350

Branch Name: Trans Yamuna
Address: Trans.Yamuna
Agra - 282001
IFSC Code: SBIN0011638
Phone No.: 0562-2240735

Branch Name: Tehra
Address: Vill Tehra
Agra - 283124
IFSC Code: SBIN0011316
Phone No.: 05613-216455

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