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Things To Do in Agra

Agra is popularly known for its world heritage and monuments. Experiencing the life of Agra will surely enhance the knowledge and provide real touch of history. There are several activities that can be performed in this city. Most of them include visiting and viewing the heritage sites that were built during the reign of Mughals and other rulers of Agra. Admiring the beauty and art of the ancient times is the most loved activity that attracts people and tourists. The most entertaining and heart touching activities in Agra are provided below.

Shopping in Agra

Shopping in Agra

Agra city is popularly known for its marbles and handicrafts items. It has the best market to shop these valuable items. The best shops for these items are U.P. Handicraft & Handloom Centre, Marble Cottage and K S P International. Art and crafts that offer unique collections. One can also buy unique gift items, gold and silver jewelry, metal items, etc.

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Seeing White Tiger at Agra Zoo

Getting an opportunity to witness some rare species that are at the stage of extinction will be an add-on advantage to visit this historical city. Agra zoo is the best place to have the pleasure of seeing the rare species of white tigers. The white tigers are rarely found in the entire world.

Food Joints in Agra

Agra city holds a special position when it comes to relishing good food. It is famous for its delicious Petha that is loved by the people all around the world. The pethas are very durable and visitors can enjoy the taste in their own country too. The popular shops where one can buy this tasty sweet of Agra are Panchi Petha Store, Agra Petha Store, Kanhaiya Petha Store, etc. The branches of these stores are available at every popular places like Agra railway station, bus stand along with market areas of Agra. Apart form this, Agra also holds its expertise in varieties of food items and snacks. Special Chaats, panipuri, sweets, lassi, thandai, pakodi, etc can also be enjoyed in Agra. The taste of entire Agra city can be experienced by trying all the special items of the city.

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Places to Visit in Agra

There are several places that can be visited within a day's time. The most popularly attracting places in Agra are Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh, Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, Red Fort and nearby destinations such as Fatehpur Sikri, Tomb of Akbar the Great, Sur Surover, India in Motion, etc.

Agra is full of monuments, gardens and other attractions that are crowded with tourists throughout the year. People can enjoy their travel to this city by visiting the Ram Bagh. Walking on the streets of Agra also provide unforgettable experience that enable tourists to see several beautiful things like market stalls, snake charmers, architecture, culture. The best part of sightseeing in Agra is that all these are absolutely free and generates high experience of the city. It is decked with numerous buildings that reflect love towards art, construction and architecture during Mughal period, and on the other hand there are several contrast and rustic streets that catch the eyes of every visitors to this city. Various unusual sights can also be seen while traveling the city on foot.

Watching the Preparation of Petha in Agra

Petha in Agra

There are varieties of pethas that are prepared in Agra. Watching the preparation of pethas in various shops will be a mouthwatering experience. Pethas are available in different colors and designs that enhance the taste and beauty of Agra's petha.

India in Motion

This is a newly emerging tourist attraction and was opened in the recent years near the famous Taj Mahal. It is located in the shopping mall and furnished with all the facilities and is fully air-condition. It is the one place where tourists travel entire India in just a few minutes, virtually. This attraction provides the complete knowledge of the history of the country and includes the historic activities of India from almost 5,000 years ago. The diversity in culture, art, religion, heritage, etc can be known at a glance. It is equipped with 3D technology where 3D movies are facilitated with the motion seats and perfect environment that compliment this technology.

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