Administration in Agra

District Magistrate in Agra
In 1959 the Agra Nagar Nigam came under the UP government’s Nagar Pallika Adhiniyam or the Municipality Act and was declared an independent municipal corporation. 

The administration has well defined wings to take care of specific issues and concerns that are of singular and primary importance to the people. The main two wings are the health and engineering wings that ensure that everything is taken care of smoothly and efficiently.

The Agra Nagar Nigam (ANN) is one of the oldest and largest municipal authorities in the country today. There is a marked commitment to the provision of services to the people. 

Administrative Divisions of Agra

For purposes of facilitation of management the entire Agra region has been segregated into sever separate administrative divisions. These are namely Sadar, Agra, Bah, Kirawli, Etmadpur, Kheragarh and Fatehabad. 

These are divided into subdivisions and tehsils of the same names which are administered by the sub divisional magistrates with an additional sub divisional magistrate being operational for main Agra subdivision because of the large range of administrative functioning being operational there. 

To take care of the large influx of domestic and international tourists who visit Agra for savoring the splendor of the pristine Taj Mahal.

District Administration in Agra

The final responsibility of all decision-making regarding all the programmes and arrangements rests with the district magistrate or the collector. He or she is totally vested all powers for the maintenance of law and order and peace and justice. 

The District Collector is the final authority over the police and all the administrative wings of the district and has the full jurisdiction of taking the best decisions for maintaining the smooth running of all services in the region.

The services extended by the Agra Administration are also the mundane everyday routine affairs of maintenance of land records, collection of land revenue and other sundry dues of the government, land acquisitions as also the settlement of refugees, levying taxes and collecting them. 

Responsibility of carrying out fair and well managed elections is also that of the Collector. The District Magistrate is the Chairman of the District Sainik Board and with this ex officio proviso also becomes directly responsible for the welfare of all the army personnel residing in that area.

Being a district election officer he conducts elections peacefully. Being a Chairman of the District Sainik Welfare board he is also directly associated with the welfare and upkeep of the army personnel

Health and Engineering Services Provision in Agra

The healthcare provision services are largely responsible for the management of the sanitary and health care delivery in the Agra jurisdiction. The head of the health department is the Chief Medical Officer or the CMO. 

The Engineering Department is responsible for the smooth operations of the water and power supply in the region besides the maintenance of infrastructures. It has a tremendous responsibility and has the provision of vital services to the two tourist sports also on its hands. 

The PWD (B& R) is also a wing that is responsible for the construction of new infrastructures, their maintenance and the laying of roads and their repair as well as maintenance of the public properties.

Other Administrative Departments in Agra

These other departments have large scale public involvement like the education department on the one hand and on the other there are departments like forest department that have very little public involvement except for areas where social forestry or community forestry may be practiced in the area. 

Some of the other departments are agriculture department, the animal husbandry department, the industries and the cooperatives departments besides the horticulture and the information departments.

Along with these local government departments there are some central government departments also like the Income Tax Department and the Custom and Central Excise Department; the National Savings Department and the Posts and Telegraph Departments along with the National Informatics Centre.

The administration has the added responsibility of making sure that the status quo is maintained at all times and there is no excuse of the flaring up of tempers and fundamentalist thinking which may well endanger the peaceful co-existence of the several diversities together – which they have been doing for centuries.

Therefore, the administration of Agra is a sensitive and very responsible one where there is the capacity and the capability to shoulder tremendous burdens of decision making and simultaneously maintaining the populations’ total satisfaction.

What makes Agra an enjoyable tourist’s paradise with its quaint old world charm and myriad artifacts a coveted destination is because of the tremendous efforts put in by the administration of the Agra Nagar Nigam. 

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